Here’s a listing of my recorded work:

* THE NEW CD "LONG TIME COMING" (2014) IS HERE! - My newest recording project is now in!  It has been a VERY long time coming, with various challenges, but I'm very happy with the tunes.  You'll hear a few different musical styles on this one.  With deft sound-shaping by co-producer Bret Levick, the songs were brought to life pretty close to what I could hear in my head... and then some!  The album features performances by many fantastic musicians from here in Southern Oregon, with a mix of full-band tunes and mellow acoustic stuff.  

LISTEN at: https://soundcloud.com/chefk-1/sets/long-time-coming-cd

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* Earlier Solo CD Release ~ "Guava Skies" (1998) - This 11-song CD was Jeff's debut release on his Kamananui Records label. Hard to find... as it's no longer in print...

"Monster In My Head" (The Brothers Reed, 2016) - mandolin and ukulele.

    * "Crooked Love" (Gene Burnett, 2014) - acoustic guitar and ukulele.

     * "Chasing The Gray" (Kieran Devine, 2011) - acoustic guitar, ukulele and background vocals.

     * "Write Her A Song" (Bruce Shimabukuro, 2011) - acoustic guitar.

     * "Big Circles" (Otis Schaper, 2010) - acoustic and electric guitars.

     * "Live" (Bruce Shimabukuro, 2009) - acoustic guitar and vocals.

     * "It Never Ends" (Jim Hubbard, 2007) - background vocals and mandolin / mixing engineer on two tracks.

     * "Bits And Pieces" (Bruce Shimabukuro, 2007) - acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals on Bruce's Sony International Records' debut CD. [from review: "instrumental work is very strong, with Jeff Kloetzel providing an outstanding acoustic guitar on most tracks"]

     * "Hula Girls Original Soundtrack" (Jake Shimabukuro, 2006) - acoustic guitar on a version of the title track for this Japanese movie soundtrack album by world-renowned performer Jake Shimabukuro on this Sony International release.

     * "Divide" (John Helm, 2004) - produced three songs / played acoustic/electric guitars, dulcimer, percussion, drum and bass programming, background vocals.

     * "Noisy Dreams" and "Window of Innocence" (Jim Hubbard, 2001 and 1999) - mandolin and percussion.

     * "Hawaiian Girl" (Palolo, 1999) - This Hawaiian group recorded Jeff's song "Kiss Me, Honi Me".  Their reggae-flavored version of the song received decent airplay throughout the islands.  


     * "Homegrown" (1997) - Jeff contributed an early version of his island-style song "Piko Baby" to this CD.

     * "Christmas In The Islands" (1998) - Jeff contributed his song "The Last Christmas Tree" (co-written with Daniel Bray) to this holiday compilation CD.


     * Jeff wrote and recorded the song "Xterra Blues" in 1999 for the creators of the international Xterra Triathlon Race series.  It was used as the event theme song for years and as the soundtrack of ESPN's initial broadcast of the event. 

     * Jeff's acoustic slack-key guitar instrumental piece "Pulelehua O Alikapeka" was used as background music for local newscasts in 1998, and various instrumental pieces have been used in Hawaii video programming as well.

     * Jeff penned the "Waikiki Trolley Theme Song" for this well-known Hawaii transportation firm, and the recording played daily on their trolley-buses from 2001 - 2002.